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  • I`m Tomoya Kotegawa.

    About me

    Hi ! My name is Tomoya Kotegawa. I`m a 23 year old graduate student at Tokyo Metropolitan University. When I was an undergraduate student, I brushed up my design skills through various classes (transportation, space, graphic, etc.). I also belonged to a dance circle and I'm particularly interested in breakdance. I learned the joy of using the body as a way of expressing myself and was drawn to street culture. I was also responsible for video-related work at dance circle events - creating videos for each event. Now I belong to an Interface Design lab and study programming and implementation of other design.

    What I want to do

    I want to make new devices that no one has made previously by combining Interface Design and Street Culture. I want to see a number of places in the world to gain new experiences in my life. I'm currently working hard to improve my English.

  • Study

    I`m looking for new possibilities in Interface Design.


    NEO SKATE latest jp ver 最新版

    This study is grounded in the area of interaction between performance and street sports referred to as ”street culture”, with a particular focus on skateboarding. In recent years skateboarding is one of the more popular sports in street culture. Recently, skateboarding has passed primary selection as one of the 2020 Olympic additional events, and has therefore attracted significant attention. On the other hand, skateboarding is a difficult and sometimes dangerous activity - particularly in areas shared with other vehicles. In this study, we combined LED lights and sensors with a conventional skateboard to create a visual performance, which can also act as a safety function. In other words, skateboarding movements such as speed, acceleration and inclination are detected by various sensors, which then changes the lights according to the actions of the user.

    Wearable device for shoes

    In recent years dance has featured across various media, leading to new expressions of dance. A lot of these expressions combine new elements with dance. Here, we focused on performance with wearable LED lights. However, within these systems it is difficult to synchronise music and other performance aspects with many performers performing at the same time. In this study, we proposed a wearable device where the lights are controlled by a motion-sensing algorithm.

  • Class

    I studied various types of design at university.


    This is a device for preventing VDT syndrome. This device manages eye health by detecting the condition of the eye from blinking. I was responsible for the programming and creation of a prototype.


    This is a lighting module that illuminates the place where people are situated by using a sensor. I was responsible for the programming and creation of the prototype.

    Grobal Gorilla

    This is a brand that I created in my graphic design class. In this class we had to make stationery, so I created this brand to emphasize the work.

    editing class

    This is a book we made ​​in my editing design class. This book focused on pictograms in town. I was responsible for the creation of the page shown on the right.

    web class

    This is a web page that my group made in our web design class. In this class we made web pages about Hino City - where our university campus is based. I was responsible for programming.

    Web class 

    This is a web page designed by my group in our web design class. In this class we had to make web pages about Hino city. I was responsible for creating the illustration.

  • Movie

    I made some movies and DVDs. This included planning, shooting, editing, and making DVDs.

    Freshmen`s Party


    This was a party where freshmen dance in front of everyone for the first time. We took and edited videos of each showcase and other events.


    I made this movie in order to celebrate the wedding of a friend from my home town. This was my way of wishing them a happy marriage.

    Retirement Party


    I made this movie In order to celebrate the juniors retiring from the circle. It incorporated a variety of planning plus a celebration message.

    Graduation Party


    I made this movie in order to celebrate the graduation of the senior group. I made the movie to be screened in front of a large audience, so It was a very good experience for me.

    PraivateMovie HAWAII

    This is video of some of my personal traveling. We went to Hawaii, where we danced and did a a number of fun things. I made this as a way of capturing our fun memories.

  • I study at Tokyo Metropolitan University

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